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quarta-feira, 15 de abril de 2009


Love in the distance
inspires. Stirs emotions and the senses.
It's like a dream, a whisper in the ear:
it disconcerts, trembles and excites
it leaves you shivering.
Makes the burning blood rush
through the veins, beyond control
and the respiration throttle, gallop
Love makes the heart respond
without permission
To a force greater than reason or will.
It is those tiny salted drops
that the pores of the entire body exhale
In a slow and silent steam
Love is erotic and mind challenging
complete and natural
it ignores rules or boundaries.
It's a slow and perfect fit
of one soul into different vessels.
Slow, smooth and gentle
dripping milk and honey
on a divine return to the womb
to the primordial egg of existence
It's greater as it is intense
and more impossible
and more forbidden
Love is a distant ship
With cold hands
and warm heart.
It's soft and sad
like the dusk of a day
bringing the shadows of night.
It covers our fragile little world with its feathered coat
bitter agonizing anguish of the final moments of light
slippering through our fingers
And, like paralised pawns of a hedious spectacle
with open eyes and numb limbs
we refuse to breathe
As if we could hold that last ray of light
inside our chest, and make it last
a second more...

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  1. Love in the distance
    It's like a dream, a whisper in the ear:it disconcerts


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